We have an article in Vol. 60, 2017 SCONUL Focus ‘Changes in the research support landscape over the last ten+ years: reflections on the DARTS conference series 2005-2018’ written by past organisers of the conference.

What happens at DARTS? Well we tend to talk lot, network with like minded people, eat some fantastic food, drink a bit of wine, explore the grounds of Dartington Hall and listen and cogitate on all of this:

cropped-logotest1.jpgIn 2016 the focus of the conference was on the move to digital/online research services and developing research support

Tweets from DARTS5 can be viewed here: and pictures taken over the two days are here:

During break times we had a series of research challenges displayed for delegates to ponder and comment on. This is what people said:

DARTS4 – 2014

Check out the Twitter conversations from DARTS4 at:

DARTS3 – 2012

DARTS2 – 2009

  • Sally Curry (Research Information Network)
  • Moira Bent (Newcastle University) and Pat Gannon Leary (Northumbria University) – “Writing for publication: researchers and the role of the Library ‘one thing to remember …’
  • Nicola Cockarill (University of Plymouth) – REF pilot at Plymouth
  • Graeme Rosenberg (HEFCE) – Development of the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Fereshteh Afshari (Imperial College) – Developing an integrated institutional repository: Symplectic and Spiral
  • Chris Pressler (University of Nottingham) – DART Europe e-theses
  • Jessica Gardner and Ahmed Abu-Zayed(Exeter University) – CHARTER digitisation project

DARTS – 2005

  • Christopher Pressler (Dartington College of Arts) – “Welcome and introduction”
  • Elizabeth Heaps (York University)
  • Jan Wilkinson (British Library)
  • RAE Representative
  • Bill Hubbard (SHERPA)
  • David Nicholas (UCL)
  • Chris Bradford (Warwick University) and Angela Brady (Brunel University)
  • Dr Jessica Gardner (University of Exeter)

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    […] the INFORUM2016 workshop on Information Literacy and at the DARTS5 conference held at the beautiful Dartington Hall, I focused on ‘A framework for an online Information […]


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