DARTS committee

Here are the lovely people who are helping to organise DARTS. Contact us at arlgdarts@gmail.com

Clare Langman: Chair

Clare 2 (1)

Clare works at Aston University as an Information Specialist supporting Life & Health Sciences which involves working with students and researchers of all levels to support them in developing their research and evaluation skills, ensuring access to the best resources and managing relationships within the departments.  Clare is Chair of Academic Research Libraries Group (ARLG) which is like another full time job in itself!  Outside of work Clare enjoys taking her daughters to the theatre, city breaks and lots of shopping!

Mandy Smith: Secretary


Mandy works at Cranfield University as an Information Specialist supporting the engineering subject area, as well as Research Support Coordinator working closely with the CDS Doctoral Training Centre developing and delivering research training, support and organising research events. She was the secretary for the CILIP ADLG (Aerospace and Defence Librarians Group) and is an active member of two cross-campus research support groups within Cranfield University. Outside of work Mandy enjoys music, sports and has recently completed her first Tough Mudder event which she believes relates closely to research support: learning how to climb over an ever increasing number of obstacles; being submerged in the muddy swamp of compliance but having a helping hand to pull you up and out; realising at the end that you could not have got through without the help of your team.

Anna Lawson: Marketing & Comms

Anna is Research and Open Access Librarian at UWE Bristol, a role she shares with Jane Belger. She has joined the DARTS Committee alongside Jane. Anna has worked in university libraries for over 15 years, and in research support, both as a Repository Manager and Open Access Librarian, since 2010. She is passionate about supporting researchers and de-mystifying open access, and strongly believes in supporting librarians to achieve their potential, something she does through being a CILIP mentor. Anna also loves to travel, and spends significant amounts of her time constantly learning new child management techniques.

Jane Belger: Marketing & Comms

Jane has worked in academic libraries for nearly 20 years, mostly in customer service roles before taking up the post of Research and Open access Librarian at UWE Bristol. This role is shared with Anna Lawson and in the true spirit of a job share; both joined the DARTS committee together. Jane spends most of her time fielding enquiries about open access publishing and delivering awareness training for research postgraduate students and staff.

Outside of work, Jane enjoys going to gigs or the theatre as well as spending as much time as possible visiting new places on holiday.

Hilary Cooksley: Website


Hilary is a veteran of the DARTS conference series, having been on the organising committee since DARTS2 in 2009.  She works in two roles at the University of Bath: Research Analytics Librarian and Impact & Engagement Librarian. Hilary’s non-professional interests include toddler management, learning Welsh, and getting nostalgic about 90s indie music.

Theresa Oakley: Dartington liaison


Having qualified as a librarian in the mid-1990s, Theresa returned to her academic origins and undertook archaeological research culminating in a PhD in Archaeology (medieval sculpture) from the University of Southampton. Subsequently she has worked as an archaeological consultant in Devon, and was the Archivist at Bryanston School in Dorset for two years. She has also continued her professional library career, mainly within university libraries and most recently as Research Services Officer at the University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth.  Theresa is currently training to be a professional indexer.  She loves trying to cook authentic Spanish food, and considers paella an epitome of gastronomic delight.

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